Meet the Academy Councillors

As part of our Academy Trust, CMAT,  Downham Feoffees Primary Academy retains a local Academy Council which includes members from the local community, parents, staff and CMAT.  Our Academy Councillors work together to support the successful development of the school, offering local challenge in evaluating and monitoring the school’s progress, and aiming to help the school provide the best education possible for its children.

Our current Academy Council is chaired by Jo Waters who can be contacted via the school office.
Our Academy Councillors are:

  • Jo Waters (Nominated Chair)
  • Jane Dooley (Executive Director of Primary)
  • Susan Jaques (Principal)
  • Claire Blewitt
  • Jane Crussell
  • Richard Spencer
  • Linda Swain
  • Sarah Mulford
  • Eleanor Port-Burke
  • Jack Eagle
  • Michael Stuart (Clerk to the Council)

For more information on CMAT, visit our website:

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