Curriculum Overview

To help realise our aims for our children we teach a theme based curriculum which draws on children’s own interests and develops skills in geography, history, RE, art, music within a context wherever relevant.

Themed work also consolidates and applies the learning done in our dedicated English and maths lessons which are held every morning to ensure that basic skills are learnt.

The curriculum in Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 includes different areas of learning and focuses on key skills and essentials for learning and life through the termly theme. The themes are carefully planned to draw on and develop children’s own line of interest.

All themes include a real life or visual experience such as a visit or film to inspire children’s interest and provide a purpose and context for learning.

Careful ongoing assessment of learning in English and maths ensures that all children benefit from personalised learning directly relevant to their needs.

Downham Feoffees Primary Academy follow the National Curriculum 2014 for Literacy and mathematics and science. We teach other subjects through the topic areas outlined below and ensure breadth of coverage by referring to a selection of the aims (skills) and subject coverage from the Primary National Curriculum 2014 and beyond. We use Read, Write Inc as our Phonics scheme and if you wish to know more about our curriculum, please see the long term and year group overviews below. Our policy is available in the policies section of the website or by emailing