We are pleased that our children want to attend their academy and know that good attendance matters.

Pupils who have good attendance: get better jobs in the future, achieve better results, make better friendships and have good self-esteem and confidence.

To promote good attendance and achievement of the above, awards are given weekly, termly and at the end of the year.

These are valued by the children and they appreciate their parents’ support in qualifying for them.

We ask that parents inform of any illness absence on the first day and we follow up any uninformed absence to ensure that your child is safe.

We value parents support in ensuring their children attend school every day and get the most out of their opportunities and time in school.

Holidays are not allowed during term time, this is in line with the legal requirement for your child to be in school. There are 175 days during the year when children are not expected to be in school and the academy expect parents to arrange holidays and family visits abroad in this time. Failure to do this will result in fines and may result in your child being taken off role.